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THE GSP HEADQUARTER QUETTA has one of the largest geological museum in the country. On display in the GSP Museum of Historical Geology is a collection of over 7,580 priceless geological and paleontological specimens gathered during geological field investigations spread over the last several decades. The treasure trove includes rocks, minerals, fossils, gemstones, building & decorative stones and meteorites put on exhibit in its 7 thematic galleries. All the museum exhibits are properly labelled to give first-hand information to the visitors about the rich mineral resources of the country discovered by the GSP. One gallery is dedicated exclusively to the 370 economic minerals from all the districts of Balochistan. The Gem Hall displays more than 550 precious stones and one gallery exhibits building & decorative stones. This Gallery has 580 specimens of industrial minerals and aggregate material. The Visitors are surprised to see 30 artefacts from   Mehr Garh, replicas of Moenjo Daro seal and information on 10 million years old Hominid skull discovered by GSP from Potwar also housed in this gallery. The Astrogeology Gallery on display has six meteorites samples, not only from Pakistan but also from foreign countries too.

The tour to palaeontological galleries of the museum is a special treat for people from all walks of life who flock to see the only one of its kind museum in Quetta. The visitors of all age groups evince enthusiasm in seeing more than a thousand invertebrate fossils on display in the Dr. Fatmi’s Gallery of Invertebrate Paleontology, comprising the biggest collection of reference specimen properly catalogued and dedicated to Dr. A.N. Fatmi in recognition of his life time achievements in the field of Paleontology and Stratigraphy, with more than 70 million years old ammonite index fossils and the largest reference collection of invertebrate fossils as old as 540 million years. In Vertebrate Paleontology the first noticeable skeleton is the first ever discovered 65 million years old Dinosaurs fossils from Barkhan near Loralai. The other attractions include 47 million years old fossils of walking whale from Kohlu and about 30 million years old fossil jaws of the largest land mammal Baluchitherium from Dera Bugti.