Who We Are

Brief History of Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSP):

Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSP) is an attached department of the Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division), Government of Pakistan.  It was established, at the time of independence in 1947, with only 5 Muslim geologists of the Geological Survey of India who opted for Pakistan.  It is a national organization which, as per its charter, is primarily responsible for collection and dissemination of geological information about the country so that the earth’s resources could be best exploited and utilized.  The geological information is compiled and disseminated in the form of geological reports and maps. Geological maps provide a bird’s eye view of the surface (and subsurface) distribution of various types of rocks and economic minerals that are found in a particu­lar region.  These maps are, thus, essential for all future detailed geological works including, mineral exploration, civil engineering, soil surveys, land use and soil conservation projects.  Worldwide experience suggests that geological maps on 1:50,000 scale provide the most useful information and meet the requirement of most of the demands.


Charter of The Geological Survey of Pakistan:

Government of Pakistan, vide Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources, letter No. GSP‑1 (15)/89, dated 24th October 1991, approved the following charter for the Geological Survey of Paki­stan:

“The Geological Survey of Pakistan is responsible for the study of the geology of the country in detail, and to assess its resource potential. It shall undertake:

i)   Geological mapping and Geoscientific Surveys,

ii)  Basic and applied research and

iii)  Environmental investigation for an accurate understanding of the country’s geologic resources and its prudent management.

Mission Statement & Functions:

Under the new organizational plan, the GSP has been assigned the mission to develop, interpret and provide geoscientific information about the country in all pertinent details leading to the prudent and environmentally sustainable management of its natural resources thus contributing to the security and prosperity of the people of Pakistan.

Functions / Core Activities:

  • Geological mapping of the country on appropriate scales.
  • Supplementation of geological mapping programme with geoscientific studies and research, geophysical surveys, geochemical investigations and test drilling operations with a view to synthesize and analyze data on composition, structure, history and origin of rock strata for use in the exploration, exploitation and conservation of
  • Natural resources like, metallic & non metallic and industrial minerals and rocks, fuels and groundwater.
  • Inventorization of known resources and exploration and assessment of new finds and discoveries.
  • Geological investigations in connection with the construction of heavy civil engineering projects, soil conservation, watershed management and other environmental and engineering geological studies including, geothermal energy, land use, and town planning.
  • Basic and applied research in all fields of geological sciences and related disciplines and sponsoring and promotion of such researches in other sister institutions.
  • Description of onshore and offshore geological framework and understanding its formation, evolution and resource potential.
  • Study and evaluation of geological hazards associated with earthquakes, volcanic activity, waste disposal, landslides, subsidence and other ground failures, and development of methods for hazard prediction.
  • Improvement in the existing mapping techniques and development of new skills for the collection, analysis, and interpretation of geoscientific data.
  • Collection, retrieval and dissemination of information and extension of assistance to public sector organizations in problems and projects of geological investigations, mineral exploration, and geoscientific research.
  • Provision of scientific support and technical advice for legislative, regulatory and management decisions of the federal, provincial and local governments.
  • Establishment of contacts with international research organizations in geosciences and participation in international geoscientific activities.
  • Evolution of earth-sciences data sets and establishment and maintenance of an effective geodata base.
  • Provision of scientific and technical assistance for the effective use of earth-science techniques, products and information.
  • Undertaking of geological and other related techno-economic and strategic studies within and outside the country.
  • Publication of results of the activities of the department in the form of different types of thematic maps, reports, books, monographs and research papers.

Organizational Structure:

The  Geological  Survey  of  Pakistan  has  the  unique honor of  being  the only  research organization  which  came into being with the creation of Pakistan. It now functions as an attached department in the Federal Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources.  It has its headquarters at Quetta and the regional offices in the provincial capitals and Muzaffarabad. Geological Survey of Pakistan is headed by a Director General (BPS‑21).  Its headquarters is at Quetta where the specialized branches viz. Paleontology & Stratigraphy, Regional Geology, Geophysics, Chemistry, Petrology‑Mineralogy, Drilling, Museums and most of the functional divisions/directorates, including planning and development, information , administration & accounts, audit , stores & procurement and workshop etc. are ­located.  Some of the functional units, however, have been regionalized and their offices are established at Peshawar, Islama­bad, Lahore, Karachi and Muzaffarabad, AJK.  The four scientific research zones at Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi and Quetta are responsible for carrying out geological mapping and mineral investigation and also for running spe­cialized branches to undertake projects related to the geology of the area under their control.  The provincial governments and mineral sector agencies are consulted and their suggestions are accommodated, to the extent possible, while formulating the annual field programme of the department. The organizational set‑up is as under:



GSP, Quetta

Planning &
Information Directorate
Photo-grammetary & Surveying BranchDrilling
Admin. Accounts & Others
Total 36
Museum BranchPaleontology
LibraryEstablishment & Accounts
Store & Workshop
GeologySanctioned PostsGeophysicsSanctioned PostsDrilling Sanctioned PostsChemistrySanctioned
Photogrammetry Sanctioned
Director General 21 1Chief Geophysicist 20 1Director Drilling 19 1 Chief Chemist 20 1Sr. Photogrammetrist 18 1
Director 19 5Supt. Geophysicist 19 1Senior Drilling Engineer 18 3Supt. Chemist 19 1Photogrammetrist 17 3
Deputy Director 18 16Geophysicist 18 5Drilling Engineer 17 8Chemist 17 4Assistant Photogrammetrist 16 3
Sr. Mining Geologist 18 1Assistant Geophysicist 17 6TOTAL 12TOTAL 6TOTAL 7
Assistant Director 17 36TOTAL 13


 Geoscience Advanced Research Lab Islamabad H-8 Office Islamabad GSP


Deputy Director General 20 1Deputy Director General 20 1 Director 19 1Director 19 2Director 19 1Director 19 1
Director 19 1Director 19 2 Deputy Director18 4Deputy Director18 5Deputy Director18 2Assistant Director 17 2
Deputy Director18 2Deputy Director18 6 Geophysicist 18 1Assistant Director 17 12Assistant Director 17 13Superintendent 16 1
Senior Chemist 18 1Geophysicist 18 1 Senior Chemist 18 2Mining Geologist 17 1Assistant Account officer 171Total4
Senior Drilling Engineer 18 4Senior Chemist 18 1 Chemist 17 6Assistant Account Officer 17 1Superintendent16 1
Chemist 17 3Senior Drilling Engineer 18 2Assistant Director 17 5Administrative Officer 16 1Assistant Private Secretary 16 3
Assistant Director 17 19Chemist 17 8Assistant Geophysicist 17 2Assistant Private Secretary 16 4Total21
Assistant Geophysicist 171Assistant Director 17 16Electronic Engineer 17 1Total 26
Drilling Engineer 17 3Assistant Geophysicist 17 3 Assistant Director (Adm) 17 1
Assistant Director (Adm)17 1Drilling Engineer 17 4Store Officer 16 1
Assistant Account Officer 171Assistant Account Officer 17 1Librarian 16 1
Administrative Officer 16 1Progress Officer 16 1Total 26
Superintendent 16 2Superintendent 16 1
Assistant Private Secretary 162Assistant Private Secretary 16 4