Geophysical Exploration is responsible for conducting geophysical surveys in association with mineral resource evaluation projects. The following surveys are being used by Geophysics Division for the exploration of minerals and groundwater.

  1. Magnetic Method (For metallic minerals)
  2. Gravity Method. (For Metallic and non-metallic minerals)
  3. Electrical Resistivity Method (For Groundwater and minerals)
  4. IP method (For Sulphides minerals)
  5. Geophysical Logging
  6. Time Domain Electromagnetic (For minerals)
  7. Ground Penetration Radar (For Geo-technical investigation)
  8. Advisory services on groundwater potential and engineering geophysics are also provided by this branch.

Geophysics Division mostly carries out investigations for the minerals and groundwater studies, geo-technical investigations. Sometimes projects are also undertaken as per requirements of the geological Divisions.