The WORK DEPOSIT RULES for contractual work has been approved by the finance division, dated 11th September 2020. The provinces now have the access to GSP for services for mineral exploration through Geology, Geophysics, Geo-chemical Analysis and Drilling, Geohazard assessment, Ground water investigations and Geo-technical Investigations etc. Under the Work Deposit, GSP has already provided services in Mineral Exploration, Groundwater, Geo-hazard Assessment, Geo-Technical Investigation, and Drilling to number of Organizations. Some of the important assignments, successfully completed are highlighted as follows:

  • Mines and Mineral Department, Panjab
  • Saindak Metal Limited (SML)
  • Tethyan Copper Company (TCC)
  • Balochistan Water and Sanitation Authority, Quetta (BWASA)
  • Pakistan Air Force (PAF)