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Last Updated in February 2018

Early Warning System For Landslide In Muzaffarabad (JICA)

Early Warning System for Landslides in Muzaffarabad

Two sites were selected in Muzaffarabad for installation of early warning system for landslides. Ten wooden battens, two digital extensometers alongwith two rain gauges were installed to monitor the slope movements. The extensometer installed in Ranjata area was then connected to a siren to warn the community. The system was set up in a way that when the instrument observed a ground movement more than the specified one, it sent signals to the alarm unit, which would then activate the revolving light and the siren to warn the community of the danger of landslide. Necessary settings were made in order to prevent false alarms due to contact by animals or human error. The instruments were installed in the wooden boxes to protect them from water and direct sunlight, as well as from security point of view. All the wood used in the installation had properly been painted in order to protect it from severe weather conditions.

One of the wooden battens installed in the project area.

A digital extensometer in the Ranjata area.

Certain sign boards had been prepared to facilitate warning and evacuation systems. These boards carried some important instructions for the public regarding landslides. Moreover 10 small sign boards were prepared and installed in the project area, these boards pointed towards evacuation paths and safe areas in case of a landslide event occurred. After the system was successfully set up by GSP, it was handed over to local administration of the Muzaffarabad city as per agreement with JICA.

Attention board carrying information about evacuation path in case a landslide event occurs.