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Last Updated in February 2018

National Collaborative Projects

National Collaborative Projects

(Duration: 2006-2009)

The Hattian Bala Landslide is a large rock avalanche in the southern part of earthquake affected area and represents the large earthquake triggered slope failure. The landslide blocked the valley to a depth of 250 m and length of embankment is 1200 m, eventually two lakes have been formed. The threat posed by this slide could be severe in a consequence of failure of the dam which would result in a second large scale disaster.

Hazard zonation map of left bank of Karli Lake, Tehsil Hattian Bala, District Muzaffarabad.

To solve this problem and for its mitigation, federal relief commissioner and Pakistan Army requested Director General, Geological Survey of Pakistan to provide the assistance of GSP in the Hattian Bala landslide area. Therefore, the present investigation was taken up by the GSP office at Islamabad.The work on the project was started on 10th December, 2005, by a team of geologists from GSP, Islamabad, in Hattian Bala and surrounding areas covering part of topo- sheet No. 43 F/12. The Geological, Geomorphological and Hydrological studies were carried out on 1:10,000 scale covering an area of about 60 sq. kms. All these maps were incorporated to generate the hazard zonation map of the affected area.